Privacy Policy

1. General Provisions
1.1. IP Medvedev A.V. (hereinafter referred to as the Operator) invites the Internet user (hereinafter referred to as the User) to use the website and other official web resources of the Operator on the terms set forth in this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement, PS). The Agreement enters into force from the moment the User expresses consent to its terms in the manner provided for in clause 1.4 of the Agreement.
1.2. The Operator offers Users access to the information content of the website, as well as to the online booking service. All currently existing web resources, as well as any development of them and / or the addition of new ones, is the subject of this Agreement.
1.3. The use of the Operator's website is governed by this Agreement, the Terms of Payment and Return ( when using the online booking service ( and https: / / The Agreement may be changed by the Operator without any special notification, the new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Internet at the address specified in this paragraph, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement. The current version of the PS is always on the page at
1.4. Starting to use / view the site, or after going through the procedure for providing their data and / or when posting a review / comment, the User is considered to have accepted the terms of the Agreement in full, without any reservations or exceptions. If the User disagrees with any of the provisions of the Agreement, the User is not entitled to use the site. If the Operator has made any changes to the Agreement in the manner prescribed by clause 1.3 of the Agreement, with which the User does not agree, he must stop using the site.

2. Online booking
2.1. In order to use the online booking service, the User must go through the procedure for providing personal data, as a result of which the Operator will receive the provided data for their further processing and use in accordance with Federal Law 152.
2.2. The user undertakes to provide accurate and complete information about himself on the issues proposed in the booking form, and to keep this information up to date. If the User provides incorrect information or the Operator has reason to believe that the information provided by the User is incomplete or inaccurate, the Operator has the right, at its discretion, to refuse to provide the User with online booking services (including accommodation services in hotels of the AMhotels network and other services resort and tourist service).
2.3. The Operator reserves the right at any time to require the User to confirm the data specified in the online booking, and in this connection to request supporting documents (in particular, identity documents, including documents confirming payment for booking services and accommodation in the hotels of the chain "AMhotels", failure to provide which, at the discretion of the Operator, may be equated to the provision of inaccurate information and entail the consequences provided for in clause 2.2 of the Agreement. as well as in the case when the data specified during online booking does not allow the identification of the User, the Operator has the right to refuse to provide services to the User.
2.4. The User's personal information provided by the latter is stored and processed by the Operator in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy (
2.5. Conditions for obtaining a guarantee of arrival.
2.5.1. The condition for obtaining a guaranteed check-in at the hotels of the "AMhotels" chain is that the User makes an advance payment in the manner and amount described in the official response to the accepted online booking application. The official response of the Operator's administration is always sent to the User's e-mail address, which he indicated in the request and sent using the booking forms and feedback forms on the website pages.
2.6. Terms of Service
2.6.1. The User does not have the right to sell and resell, as well as to use any of the Operator's services for any commercial purposes, unless the User has received such permission from the Operator.

3. General provisions
3.1. The Operator has the right to set restrictions on the provision of services for all Users, or for certain categories of Users (depending on the location of the User, the language in which the services are provided, etc.), including: the presence / absence of certain options of the resort service, the term stay at the hotel, the maximum number of services / rooms / options for resort and other services, the minimum cost of services that can be provided to the Users, the maximum number of Users for simultaneous accommodation at the hotel, special and individual requirements / wishes, etc. The operator can prohibit access to the site, as well as stop receiving and processing any information provided by Users, etc.
3.2. The Operator has the right to send information messages to its Users. Using the site and any other third-party sites, the User also in accordance with Part 1 of Art. 18 of the Federal Law "On Advertising" gives his consent to receive advertising messages. The User has the right to refuse to receive advertising messages by using the appropriate functionality of the service, within which or in connection with which the User received advertising messages.
3.3. In order to improve the quality of services, the Operator has the right to collect opinions and feedback from Users on various issues by sending a corresponding questionnaire to the User, as well as by means of third-party sites on which there is an official page of the hotel chain "AMhotels". The collected opinions and feedback can be used to generate statistical data that can be used by the Operator for its own purposes. Reviews left by the User using the Operator's website and / or other third-party sites can also be published by the Operator on the Operator's official website or on the official hotel pages posted on third-party sites on the Internet, as with the name ( login) of the user, and without specifying. When writing reviews, the User undertakes to be guided by the requirements of this Agreement, including the requirements established by clause 5 of this Agreement.

4. User Content
4.1. The User is solely responsible for the compliance of the content of the content posted by the User with the requirements of current legislation, including liability to third parties in cases where the User's posting of this or that content or content of the content violates the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, including the personal non-property rights of the authors, other intellectual rights of third parties, and / or infringes on their intangible benefits.
4.2. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Operator is not obliged to view any kind of content posted and / or distributed by the User through the official website of the hotel, including through third-party sites on the Internet, and that the Operator has the right (but not the obligation ) at its own discretion, refuse to post and / or distribute content to the User or remove any content that is available on the official resources of the Operator. The user understands and agrees that he must independently assess all risks associated with the use of the content, including the assessment of the reliability, completeness or usefulness of this content.
4.3. The User understands and agrees that the technology of operation of third-party sites may require copying (reproduction) of the User's content by the Operator, as well as processing it by the Operator in order to comply with the technical requirements of a particular service.

5. Terms of use of the Operator's web resources
5.1. The user is solely responsible to third parties for his actions related to the use of the official web resources of the Operator, including if such actions lead to a violation of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as for compliance with the law when using the official web resources of the Operator.
5.2. When using the Operator's web resources, the User is not entitled to:
5.2.1. upload, send, transmit or in any other way post and / or distribute content that is illegal, malicious, defamatory, offending morality, demonstrates (or is propaganda) of violence and cruelty, violates intellectual property rights, promotes hatred and / or discrimination against people racial, ethnic, gender, religious, social characteristics, contains insults to any persons or organizations, contains elements (or is propaganda) of pornography, child eroticism, represents advertising (or is propaganda) of sexual services (including under type of other services), explains the procedure for the manufacture, use or other use of narcotic substances or their analogues, explosives or other weapons;
5.2.2. violate the rights of third parties, including minors and / or harm them in any form;
5.2.3. impersonate another person or representative of an organization and / or community without sufficient rights, including for the Operator's employees, for site moderators, for the site owner, as well as apply any other forms and methods of illegal representation of other persons on the network, as well as to mislead Users or the Operator regarding the properties and characteristics of any subjects or objects;
5.2.4. upload, send, transmit or in any other way post and / or distribute content, in the absence of rights to such actions according to the law or any contractual relationship;
5.2.5. upload, send, transmit or in any other way post and / or distribute not specifically permitted advertising information, spam (including search), lists of other people's email addresses, pyramid schemes, multilevel (network) marketing (MLM), systems of Internet earnings and e-mail-businesses, "letters of happiness", as well as use the services of the Operator to participate in these events, or use the services of the Operator, exclusively to redirect users to pages of other domains;
5.2.6. upload, send, transmit or in any other way post and / or distribute any materials containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs designed to disrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs, for unauthorized access , as well as serial numbers for commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means for obtaining unauthorized access to paid resources on the Internet, as well as posting links to the above information;
5.2.7. collect and store personal data of other persons unauthorized;
5.2.8. disrupt the normal operation of the Operator's web resources;
5.2.9. facilitate actions aimed at violating the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the Agreement;
5.2.10. otherwise violate the norms of the law, including the norms of international law.

6. Exclusive rights to the content of web resources and content
6.1. All objects available on the Operator's web resources, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, sounds and other objects (hereinafter referred to as the content of web resources), as well as any content posted on the Operator's web resources, are objects of the exclusive rights of the Operator, Users and other rightholders.
6.2. The use of content, as well as any other elements of the Operator's web resources, is possible only within the framework of the functionality offered by this or that web resource. No elements of the content of the Operator's web resources, as well as any content posted on the Operator's web resources, can not be used in any other way without the prior permission of the copyright holder. By use is meant, including: reproduction, copying, processing, distribution on any basis, display in a frame, etc. The exceptions are cases directly provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation or the terms of use of a particular web resource of the Operator. The use by the User of elements of the content of web resources, as well as any content for personal non-commercial use, is allowed provided that all the protection marks of copyright, related rights, trademarks, other notices of authorship are preserved, the name (or pseudonym) of the author / name of the copyright holder is preserved unchanged form, keeping the corresponding object unchanged. The exception is cases directly provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation or user agreements of a particular web resource of the Operator.

7. Sites and content of third parties
7.1. The Operator's web resources may contain links to other sites on the Internet (third party sites). The indicated third parties and their content are not checked by the Operator for compliance with certain requirements (reliability, completeness, legality, etc.). The operator is not responsible for any information, materials posted on third-party sites to which the User gains access using web resources, including for any opinions or statements expressed on third-party sites, advertising, etc., as well as for the availability of such sites or content and the consequences of their use by the User.
7.2. A link (in any form) to any site, product, service, any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted on the Operator's web resources does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of these products (services, activities) by the Operator, except when is directly indicated on the resources of the Operator.

8. Advertising on the Operator's services
8.1. The Operator is responsible for the advertisements posted by him on the Operator's web resources, within the limits established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

9. No guarantees, limitation of liability
9.1. The User uses the Operator's web resources at his own risk. The web resources are provided "as is". The operator does not assume any responsibility, including for the compliance of web resources with the goals of the User;
9.2. The Operator does not guarantee that: web resources meet / will meet the User's requirements; web resources will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors; the results that can be obtained using the services will be accurate and reliable and can be used for any purpose or in any capacity (for example, to establish and / or confirm any facts); the quality of any product, service, information, etc., obtained using the web resources will meet the User's expectations;
9.3. Any information and / or materials (including downloadable software, letters, any instructions and guides to action, etc.), which the User gains access to using the Operator's web resources, the User can use at his own risk and risk and is solely responsible for the possible consequences of using the specified information and / or materials, including for damage that this may cause to the User's computer or third parties, for data loss or any other harm;
9.4. The Operator is not liable for any types of losses incurred as a result of the User's use of the Operator's web resources or individual parts / functions of the Operator's web resources;
9.5. Under any circumstances, the Operator's liability in accordance with article 15 of the Civil Code of Russia is limited to 10,000 (ten thousand) rubles of the Russian Federation and is assigned to him if there is any fault in his actions.

10. Other provisions
10.1. This Agreement is an agreement between the User and the Operator (IP Medvedev A.V.) regarding the procedure for using web resources and services provided by them and replaces all previous agreements between the User and the Operator.
10.2. This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. Issues not regulated by this Agreement are subject to resolution in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. All possible disputes arising from the relations governed by this Agreement shall be resolved in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, in accordance with the norms of Russian law. Throughout the text of this Agreement, unless explicitly stated otherwise, the term "legislation" means both the legislation of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the User's place of residence.
10.3. Due to the gratuitousness of the services provided under this Agreement, the rules on consumer protection provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation cannot be applicable to the relationship between the User and the Operator.
10.4. Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as the establishment between the User and the Operator of agency relations, partnership relations, joint activity relations, personal employment relations, or any other relations not expressly provided for in the Agreement.
10.5. If, for one reason or another, one or more of the provisions of this Agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.
10.6. Inaction on the part of the Operator in the event of a violation by the User or other users of the provisions of the Agreements does not deprive the Operator of the right to take appropriate actions to protect their interests later, and also does not mean the Operator's waiver of his rights in the event of subsequent similar or similar violations.
10.7. This Agreement is drawn up in Russian and in some cases may be provided to the User for review in another language. In the event of a discrepancy between the Russian-language version of the Agreement and the version of the Agreement in another language, the provisions of the Russian-language version of this Agreement shall apply.
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